Thursday, January 05, 2006

ruler of my domain

Whee! I am a multitasking mama tonight. My little boy is talking to his grandmother, I'm nursing the baby, making dinner and even doing a wee bit o' blogging. Damn. I impress me. The whole scenario is being managed with the skill of a juggler who has taken on at least one more ball than usual...eep.

Dinner tonight, in case you are curious, is something called 'quick cassoulet,' with hot dogs, beans, tomatoes and some spices. Like all my recipes, it starts with 'sautee a roughly chopped onion..' This might be why I am such an awful baker. Few cakes and cookies involve onions and good extra virgin olive oil. But the cassoulet is smelling nice, so I have hopes. But does one bake the mixture covered or uncovered? I suspect I'll discover tonight.

Yup, sorry Leo, but tonight *I* am queen of my world. But I do trail behind one of my favorite bloggers, the Renegade Rebbetzin. My sister in law introduced me to the RenReb, and I've been happily reading her blog for a little while now. According to the author of AnotherNYJew(another fine blog), the RenReb is actually "she who must be obeyed." I wanna be "she who must be obeyed." I wanna be able to cock an eyebrow and have my older child zip into his snowsuit, instead of huddling at the bottom of the stairs, wailing to have me do it for him because he's suddenly forgotten how. (Note: yes, he is the BKITW, but he's also a kid, with all of the nerve twanging that comes with.) So me! Me! Forget the crown, the juggling act - just fear me, ye peoples and obey. Actually, I firmly believe that my house is not a democracy - it's a dictatorship - benevolent on some days, loud (if not quite fearsome) on others.

On the other hand, if I were an object of fear, would my boys still snuggle with me? My partner still want to nuzzle my neck? I wonder how the pharoahs managed it.

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mama o' the matrices said...

Note: I make this wonderful, elaborate dish, carry it proudly to the table, carefully mis-pronoucning the French name...only to have the dish renamed 'beans and weenies.' Ya, well, *thanks*.