Wednesday, March 29, 2006

hast forgotten the daddy blog?

Sorry about that title - someone pointed out the Chaucerian blog to me, and I've been yea, lo verily reading my tushie off. Fun, in an overeducated, barely humorous kind of way. (God, woman, forget the blogs and get some sleep!)

Anyway, wanted to stick my head in the door. My mood has improved dramatically since I embraced not reading newspapers, though it alarmed a neurologist last week when I couldn't tell her anything about current events. It's a lifestyle choice, darlin'. And possibly necessary for emotional health. Kadima, anyone? Oy.

All is well here, as we slowly grope our way towards general familial health. We had a scare last week when my post-surgery, sinus-infected, painkiller infused body decided to take a short operational reboot, a procedure that somehow involved me ending up on the kitchen floor, mildly incoherent. A funky EKG and a wildly unecessary CT scan later, I was sent home on antibiotics (for the sinus infection) and told to be a good girl and get some rest. I tried not to laugh.

In the meantime, I'm powering up the drill to install the childgate (the baby is sooo close to crawling!), planning my next article, stopping at the hospital to visit my friend and her daughter and looking forward to the weekend's hemophilia conference!! where we will stay at a real hotel with a real pool with real chlorine in the water. I might even wear the overpriced nursing bathing suit I bought. Maybe. If I can manage to get it on and get out of the hotel room without looking in a mirror. (A bathing suit is the ultimate sartorial leveller. Trust me.) I did get the boys some matching swim shorts....but I swear, it's only because my eldest really, really, really wanted them to have the same thing. Honest.

Okay, off to bed. But first, my customary tidbit: Smart Ass graph, courtesy of the Daddy Blog. For those of you who always wanted to have your social interactions reduced to a science, here it is. Sort of. And it's true about the episiotomy.


Abdur-Rahim said...

I gotta ask. Mildly incoherent, on the kitchen floor, holding a power drill?

Auntie A said...

Welcome back to the land o'coherence, such as it is.
I should try not reading newspapers. Kadima indeed. hmpf.