Friday, May 05, 2006

quote of the day

Enter Child, holding a tissue. He pauses to look at the ant scurrying across the floor, then pounces with the tissue.

Child: (thoughtfully, to himself) This ant is missing a leg.

(looks up at parent)

Child: Mummy, ants are positional.*

Looking at the ant, unable to move without his foreleg, I was inclined to agree. But then


Child: what's positional mean?

*positional is something we say about accessing a vein. Sometimes the needle is in proper position only if the hand/arm are held in just the right position, with pressure in just the right place. You could say this also about a port-a-cath or other venous access device (IVs in particular), as some of them work only if the kid holds his arm up, turns his head to one side, pours a libation to Zeus (or Hephaestus) etc. Yup, modern medicine is a science, technology is precision, but you tell that to the little colony of gremlins who run my computer, okay? Because I know better than to piss them off.

Shabbat shalom, all!

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