Thursday, September 07, 2006

the list

In case anyone was wondering, corn tends lurk in the following:

commercial baked goods (cakes, breads, cookies, etc)
sauces (ex:tomato, barbecue)
fruit juice
soda (drat)
chocolate syrup and other syrups
candy - hard, soft, chocolate
pretzels, some chips
soaps, shampoos (including the babes' eczema soap - ha!)
peanut/nut butters (but not our locally made soynut butter, thank heavens)
tofutti ice cream, cream cheese
soy cheeses
soy yoghurts
soy ice creams

(depressing list courtesy of the mum to two corn-allergy girls)

More importantly, however, corn breads and muffins are easy to make without dairy, are forgiving if you skip the egg, and don't have the other, problematic grains. So, here is the dilemma:

do we eliminate corn from the house or not? We would not do so, if we could find a way to keep the babes from eating the stuff. However, given his Roomba-like tendencies, this would mean aggressive cleaning. Who has the time or the energy? Furthermore, he's muscling his way in towards eating table food, something I'd rather like to encourage...and he gets grumpy when you don't let him eat something he's set his heart on.

What can I say? My boys, they be usually hungry and pretty determined about their food... But don't go by me, ask Auntie A, whose astonished gaze watch my boys swallow platefuls of stuff, pouring it all into - well, where do they put it all?

Tonight, I will not resolve this. Nor, I suspect, will it be resolved tomorrow. The shabbat is coming, and this week I intend to wrap myself in the sabbath's rest and quiet and luxuriate in it - no tormented glances at my cookbooks or pantry allowed. Maybe some epiphany will emerge over the weekend. Maybe it'll be a culinary epiphany. Or maybe none of the above - instead, perhaps the babes will quietly, quietly prepare to turn one...

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