Sunday, March 11, 2007

mapping our way out of grumpyland

with, of course, food.

Today is the Toddles' eighteen month lunaversary. Or, to put it differently, the Toddles is now a year and a half. Who could grump on a day like today? The sky is blue, the lunaversary boy is sleeping off an intense playdate, and the Eldest and I paused over a bowl of auwwwwwggh (translation: shocked, delighted mouth happy). See photo for illustration. Note empty bowl.

Over the past year or three, the Eldest and I have talked about combinations. Combinations of flavors, of textures - and today, of temperatures.

Here is what was in the bowl:

  • 1/3rd cup guacamole
  • 8 pitted Kalamata olives
  • 3/4ths cup salmon salad
  • 1 cup steamed potatoes
  • 1 Tb basil oil

Note: all were leftovers. Swanky, eh?

The way to create the auwwwwwggh face is to heat all but the guacamole together. I used a microwave for this. Then, glop the guac on top. Feed to self until small child inserts body between bowl and mouth, demanding some. Feed to small child and let the expression on their face make up for the slight emptiness in maternal tummy.

Happy 18th, Toddles. You bring light and richness into our world. You are playmate, companion in adventure, fellow mischief maker, and cuddler extraordinaire.

approving applause from the Eldest

We're so glad you've come!


Imperfect Guacamole

Take 2 avocados, slightly squishy. Remove peel, pits (resisting urge to plant pits and create avocado trees). Invite small children to mash avocado, turning it into avo-mush.

Squeeze 1 lime. A lemon is an acceptable substitute. Add to avo-mush.

Add: salt, pepper, curry powder, garlic powder to taste. Taste frequently while adding, because, well, it's yummy.
Imperfect Salmon Salad

1 tin salmon
1/2 cup pitted green olives (stuffed are fine), sliced
salt, pepper, curry powder to taste
1 scallion, chopped
1/3 rd cup parsley, chopped
1 large clove of garlic, mashed
1/3rd cup olive oil (or less - to taste)
1/4 cup red wine vinegar (or less - to taste)

Open and drain tin of salmon.
In a mortar and pestle, mash up the garlic clove. I like to do this with the salt, preferably using kosher or sea salt, which seems to make the process easier. Once the garlic is well mashed, add a Tb of the olive oil, making a sort of sauce.
Mix all ingredients, adding oil and vinegar cautiously, stopping when the salad tastes right.

Highly Irregular Basil Oil

This is essentially a basil pesto, minus nuts and parmesan. As such, it's very flexible. I drizzle it over baked tofu, broiled salmon, and use it for my odd potato salad. Mm.

1 bunch basil leaves
3/4ths cup olive oil
1 Tb salt (more to taste)
2 tsp black pepper (more or less to taste)
1 tsp sugar
1-2 cloves garlic
Optional: green olives, sunflower seeds, parsley

Toss garlic, salt, sugar (and nuts/seeds if using) in the food processor. Process. Add everything else, whirl into oily sludge. Keeps in the refrigerator in a closed jar for just over a week.


dykewife said...

awesome kids :)

Auntie A said...

What dykewife said. Love, love, love the pictures! More, please. And happy lunaversary!

Anonymous said...

Cutie pies!!!!