Thursday, May 31, 2007

where in the world...

is the Mama?

Down Under, of course!

The Imperfects have hit the road (airways?) and are currently in Melbourne, after a soggy three day trip to the southernmost tip of Australia. More later, after the sabbath, when I'm procrastinating (I have a print deadline tomorrow, and the article is currently pretty damned limp).

more soon, once I have time to type up my notes....until then, here's the email that the Eldest sent to his school friends in the Gimmel class:

Dear Gimmels,

This is me who is in Australia. We saw a wombat for the first time, when we were going into our cottage for the first day. The cottage is in Wilson’s Promontory. When we saw the wombat, we just went inside and we didn’t feed it, because that’s what the sign on the porch on the floor said: No Feeding Wombats, No Feeding Kookaburras, No Feeding Possums, No Feeding Seagulls. Yes Feeding Toddles.

[Eldest’s Mum: Wilson’s Promontory is a national park, and is about as far south as you can go in Australia. Since Australia is already very, very far south, Wilson’s Prom is extremely south! But it’s warm, and there are no penguins here. There are penguins about an hour away, but they are the kind that like warm weather.)

At night time, we saw a possum! It was outside, and another was on the hill. It was it’s buddy. The possum had a long tail, and some of it was black and some of it was brown and some of it was white. We could see it because it was very dark outside, but it was a teeny bit light. And that’s how we saw the possum.

Today, we went to Squeaky Beach. The sand did squeak! I thought it was funny. And I loved it. We saw lots of cuttlefish, and they were dead and in the sand.Once ago, the fish were there in the sea and people were all the way on the other side, but then the ocean moved to a different place, and that’s how the fish did break and die. And there was a humongous rock.

And we did lots and lots of hiking! We hiked some on Squeaky Beach, and then we went up and up and up. We went so high that some of us almost fell off the edge. NO!

[Eldest’s mum: the hiking was lots of fun. We hiked up, up, up the mountain until we could see the beach far below. Then we went through trees and ferns and moss around the mountain, until we came to Tidal River. There we went down, towards the river and crossed it on a footbridge. It was lots of different little environments, and they were all beautiful and interesting.]

I hope you are all having fun! Goodbye, Gimmels.


Lois Grebowski said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time...take care!

dykewife said...

wow! i was hoping that the lack of updates had something to do with travelling and nothing to do with illness, especially after the last entry.

it sounds a whole lot like you and your family are enjoying things a whole lot. i look forward to hearing more.

joy said...

You give me dangerous and fun thoughts of big down-under family events as the boys get older.

country girl said...

Glad your trip was uneventful and that you are enjoying Australia. Have fun. I look forward to more postings from down under.

mama o' the matrices said...

Argh! Blogger won't let me sign in (???), so my posts will go temporarily unposted.

Thanks for the good wishes, all, and I'll post when the internet gods allow...