Wednesday, June 13, 2007


We're home. We're tired, filthy and I'm wearing a silly too-small t-shirt that I bought in LA when I could not take it anymore after 18 hours in a white shirt that showed the signs of every meal the boys ate and we're home.

The remaining factor is in the fridge, Mary Jr met us at the door with a smiling face and hugs (the best part of the trip, I thought), the boys are washed and fed and the Man is reading them stories and please please please please they will sleep a little.

We haven't seen a bed in 30 hours - time to clean up, rest and recover. Until the kids wake up, jet lagged, of course!


mother in israel said...

I am shocked! A white t-shirt for a 30-hour trip?

Welcome back! You deserve a medal.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!


The lure of one's own bed...pure heaven!

joy said...

welcome home, o brave one!

country girl said...

Welcome back. I've really enjoyed your posts and the recipes. Whenever I fly long trips I'm always amazed at how hard it is to not lie down for hours on end. I can't imagine 30 hours.

When you have tons of tomatoes from my garden I make puree and then I use my food dryer to dessicate them. That way I have fresh tomatoes all winter.

Sleep tight.

dykewife said...

welcome home! put your feet up, sip on a cup of tea and veg out!