Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Days of headaches finally came to an impressive moment today, when I...fell asleep in traffic.

The whole drive home I felt my eyes closing, my brain numbing, and I changed my chair position, turned off the heat (cold = awake, maybe?), dug my nails into my palm (ouch - yawn), and got the Eldest to talk about the miniutae of his day. He never does that, and I only wish I'd been awake enough to appreciate it.

And then I actually started falling asleep. At one point, I was even dreaming - and let me tell you, in my dream I was not in a car.

Folks, I give you the current obvious cause behind this: the Toddles.

The Toddles has been sleeping badly, and insisting on sleeping with me - which means I sleep badly. And it's hard to argue with a child who will wail for over 30 minutes, ignoring the loving father trying to soothe him. And once he finally escapes the paterfamilias?

(leaping into the mama-bed) Hurree! Hurrah!
(pause, while the small person snuggles deep into the covers. Then, looking up at the astonished mama, he says proudly): I said that.

Yep, he did. So now I'm going to bed - and alone. For now, anyway.

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