Sunday, April 06, 2008

options for growth

The children are growing.

yes, yes, I know. Not the point.

Let's start with car seats, shall we? The Eldest has outgrown his car seat at long last, at the ripe old age of 6.5 yrs. I began dancing a wee dance of joy, thinking of tiny booster seats and maybe a real middle seat in our car, and possibly - possibly? - being able to take home another child sometime. So, I happily went on Google to find a booster and found this.

Several tissues later and annoyed at myself for falling for an obviously cheap emotional ploy, I started doing some research. And was even more annoyed to see that I was finding reason to believe the maybe not-so-ployish ploy. And then I found this, shuddered at the price of this, walked away and then came back to read this blog post. And thought.

Having watched the Eldest slouch and slide out of the shoulder-lap belt during his brief Australian stint in a tushie-booster, I haven't a lot of faith in the kid, let alone the seat where safety is concerned. I think that this isn't a bad choice given the available options, but $200? Yikes. Going to go and chew this one over for a while.
While outgrowing his car seat, however, the Eldest has also been working on other opportunities. In fact, the precise term for this might be under-growing, or retreating?

This past Tuesday, we took both boys to the allergy clinic to do extensive skin testing. The kids discussed it between themselves, and decided that the Eldest would get his testing done first, so that the Toddles could see how easy it was. In the end, so many of the tests were custom made (I brough the food, the tech made the skin test from it), the Toddles went first. But with the leetle TV on, neither boy minded.

Here's the score:

kiwi - extremely positive. Which explains this exciting day and a few grey hairs on the Man's head.
grapefruit - negative
egg- positive
barley - positive
oat - positive, alas, but not by much. Still, there goes my hopes for an oat matza for this year's Passover. Oat matzot are legally accepted, unlike my odd wee creations, acceptable only with some religious law-twisting
wheat - very, very positive
rye - positive
corn - negative. Hmm.
tree nuts - negative. But we're not having them in the house regardless, so who cares?
peanuts - negative.

peanut - positive
peas - positive
poppy seeds - positive (p,p,p-positive. Anyone but me seeing patterns here?)
sesame - hoo, boy. Positive.
lima beans - positive, but who cares?
dairy - yep. Positive
egg - okay, so who needs eggs? Me? Noooo. Surely not. Nope. Except that I do miss my sunny side ups.
zucchini - barely positive. Wouldyalookitthat. Hunh.
lentil - negative. Who the what now?
pumpkin - the rule of the Ps is over. Negative.
mango - negative. Oh, my.

And what now? I've sent the precise skin testing results off to bigfamousallergydoc in New York, thanks to some fast scribbling when the tech put her notes down. We shall see what happens next, but I'm voting for challenges to corn and lentil. Until summer, the mango's just not that exciting, anyway...the Man, a fan of dried fruits (and dried mango in particular), disagrees.

Did you share your skills today? You can read about it here...


magid said...

Ooh! Multiple challenges in the future! Huzzah for possible expansion of diet :-).

My sympathies on the lack of oat matza option this year, but perhaps by next year....?

dykewife said...

ameliorating the cost of the child seat is what a child is worth. also, consider that he'll have a few years of wear on it and then toddles will be ready for it. i understand cringing on that amount of money, but i believe that it'd be money well spent.

when i buy a pair of $200 shoes (i don't buy often needless to say) and i get 10 years wear out of them, then they're only $20 a year. $100 sneakers can last up to 3 years (i'm not hard on shoes) so i'm willing to put out that money. of course, it wouldn't matter if i weren't, i still have to buy specialty shoes because of the shape of my feet.