Friday, July 25, 2008

twitches and scabs

Well, the danged foot did get better, in the sense that it hurts like hell, but less. I refused to be routed by a panicky nurse (it's cellulitis! You need to go to the ER! Ahem.) and escorted the boys to the doc. One extremely calm conversation later, I was given Cipro for it, and a pharmacist issued some stern warnings about what the stuff can do to my reproductive system. Considering the half-laughing, half-honestly horrified conversation that I had with the doc (lovely person, newish mum) about sleep and small children, I giggled at the pharmacist.

Oh, that. Right, then.

Truth be told, that is somewhat of an issue. The Toddles hasn't been much of a reliable sleeper lately, and he has been clingy. Mostly, he's been an unreliable sleeper who wants to fall asleep with me, holding on to my shirt while he lies there. He's relaxed and warm and lovely *and* determined to hang on, and I'm never surprised to find that I've fallen asleep with him and laughing at pharmacists. Not great signs (for the Toddles, neveryoumind me), and when you combine it with the as-yet unidentified hives he's been getting lately, I'm now a tad twitchy. Did I mention? Ahem.

What's intriguing is that we all forgot: as a nearly-three year old, he's aware that something's a bit funny, too.

Me, uber-casually: hey, kid. Your face looks a bit funny.
Toddles, severely: no, it's not funny. It's scratched up!
(he wanders off, while rubbing his nose for emphasis. Aha.)

Some of this is, to be fair, part of the Toddles' growing fascination with his own body. This summer, he's been collecting some remarkable skinned knees, elbows and one somewhat shredded finger. And, given the effort with which we produce the Eldest's scabs, the Toddles' have also been of interest.

Toddles: don't touch that! It's broken. It's not fixing itself right.
I look at the scab, flaking off to show pink, new skin.
Me: oh, hon. Look! Some of the scab's getting pushed out of the way by the new skin. That's great!
Toddles, determinedly: NO! Don't touch it, don't look at it, and I don't want you to talk about it!
He's a thorough child, particularly when he's riled up about something. The new pink skin spots are a topic of much discussion - he'll bring them to me and ask about them. Are they okay? What is that brown bit, is it dirt? The questions are usually more curious than worried, and his attitude to the scabs/post-scabby bits is very territorial.

Mine, saith the Toddles. And where the hell is my bandaid?

Yessir, boss, saith I. And the Eldest, chronic wearer of funky bandaids, tries to hoist a humorous eyebrow. Oh, yes, the Toddles is aware now that we bigger types know something he doesn't, that we might worry over something that doesn't trouble him, like a shredded and bleeding finger. Watching QG and myself mopping up bloody handprints and making pressure bandages for his poor finger, the Toddles sat thoughtfully. The blood didn't trouble him, the cut didn't manage to inspire a yowl, and yet look at the fussing the adults are going through! Hm.

Cocking his head to one side, the kid looked me in the eye and let fly.


(wherein the Mama collects herself and remembers that the child is nearly three. Why, indeed.)

a woman with 1.7 working feet has no excuse, so dinner was on me tonight. I freely adapted this one from the 7/16/2008 Boston Globe food section. The result is both allergy friendly AND didn't require me to run out and pick herbs in the pouring rain. I'd tell you I had seconds, but the scale at the doc's today could have told you that, too. Whoops.

Watermelon, tomato and non-queso blanco salad

serves 6

1/3rd seedless watermelon, sans rind and cut into chunks
3 medium tomatoes, diced
1/2 red onion (or red onion/scallion equivalent)
3 Tb chopped fresh parsley
2-3 Tb chopped fresh mint
1/4 c lime juice
1 Tb olive oil
handful or so of kalamata or Greek olives
salt, pepper to taste
optional: going out into the rain to get a handful of cilantro, chopping and flinging it in . Be sure to stock up on towels, first, and then keep an eye on the anti-cilantro contingent, who may try and steal said towels.

Combine and marinate in the fridge for about an hour.

marinated protein
1 lb queso blanco (mild Mexican cheese) or tofu (plus sprinkle of salt and 2-3 Tb lime juice). You might also try feta.
1 clove of garlic, crushed
2 tsp chopped red onion/scallion
1 tsp chopped fresh parsley
1.5 tsp red pepper flakes
2 Tb rice vinegar
2-3 Tb olive oil
salt, black pepper to taste

Combine and marinate in the fridge for about an hour.

Note: I served these with a side of lemongrass-mango rice, which is essentially cooked brown rice, plus some slightly sizzled garlic, peppercorns, sliced ginger. Warm together with a stalk of lemongrass (I peel and then slice mine into long, slim strips - the Man objects to not being able to find and remove microscopic scraps of lemongrass). Toss with sadly underripe mango and serve.


Julia said...

Oy, on multiple accounts.

joy said...

Oy indeed. Plus, I myself just got off a round of Cipro. Has lots of other bizarre and annoying side effects, at least to a very medicine-sensitive person such as myself. To the point that I hope to all that is decent in the world to never, never have to take it again. Really big ugh. Email if you want the gory details. :)

frederica said...

Thanks for your comment on the sibling post..
I read your blog : you are "multifacética" cooking, raising your boys...loving life.
i liked your style of writing..bye for now

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