Sunday, December 19, 2010

frost and a photographer

What are you doing?
I'm taking a photo of this leaf.
But you only got part of the leaf!
Ah. Maybe I misspoke - I'm taking a picture of the frost on this leaf.
Oh. Can I take pictures, too?
Not now. We have to go to preschool.
Well, then can I take pictures while we drive to preschool?
Oh. Well, sure. But you can only press this button, and keep your fingers away from this bit, here - see? that's the lens and if you - kid? Are you listening?
[waving off the question] Thanks! I'm going to take pictures of - Mum. I can't take photos while you are talking at me. Could you please drive the car instead?

[mutter, mutter] late [mutter] [vroooom]

In the back seat of the car, the Toddles produced the sorts of sounds that happen when a well-brought up, mellow hum is introduced to an enthusiastic, cheerful chatter at a cocktail party. And occasionally, a metallic, consumer-preferred click of the camera informing us that a photo had been taken.

Ah, said the Toddles, with a deep satisfaction. There I am.

And there. Part of me, at least.

And here is what I see - but, he paused, not really. He thought this over.
Pressed some buttons, ignoring the warning rumbles from the front seat about [mutter, mutter] don't mess with that -  and then, click!

Yes, said the Toddles, thoughtfully. I do see that.

And that is in my eyes.

And I can see it being in my eyes - there.

I can only guess that, at this point, the kidlet refocussed internally, and so -

Tee, hee! giggled the Toddles, and the front seat called out, and clap't the shutter to? and was - rightly - ignored.

Throughout the drive, the Toddles click!ed and quietly murmured and hummed to himself. Click by click, he was trying to catch his world, check his own perspective, and build the pieces for his own, Toddleist purposes. But perhaps my favorites came after we stopped the car, and paused in a parking lot.

Here, the Toddleisms are fragmentary, detailed - but rich.

I'm here! the Toddles told the camera. Thanks for coming with me to school.

It was our pleasure, kidlet. Thanks for inviting us.

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