Thursday, April 07, 2011

listening to science - messy and otherwise

New York Hall of Science...meets parenting special needs. Either this blend of science and messy life-as-lived is characteristic of this institution, or I have much to learn about science.

On a rather unrelated note, I have continued the warping of my children. Today, the Eldest asked if we could listen to Radiolab, rather than just playing some music? Please? There was a longish pause, while the Toddles considered whether he was going to be offended. And wasn't.


In fact, I lie: this is not an unrelated note - I hooked the kid on Radiolab with their story about a rescued lobster, waited a week, then gave him a bit of the Loneliness of the Goalkeeper show. That he stopped reading Fellowship of the Rings to listen? coincidence, he told me. And then got to hear him argue about how, just because I'd pulled up to the curb and turned off the car, doesn't mean - surely! that we had to stop listening to the Yellow Fluff/Scientific Discovery (or, how I came to love the fly that is eating my brain) show.

Radiolab, if we end up blasting Richard Holmes' Galois story while walking home, I won't blame you - I'll be laughing too hard.

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