Friday, January 27, 2012

comfort food

For whatever reason, there has been a barrage of people getting served from life's crap buffet. Clearly, the line monitors were taking a too-long coffee break, because hello? one at a time? All of which is why La Lump and I are making soup today. Thick, warming, meal-in-a-bowl soup.

This one, as a matter of fact. With Roman beans, as the Man has fallen in love with their meaty flavor - and the creaminess suits this dairy-free, quirky cousin of the classic potato-leek soup. Or, as my mum called it, vichyssoise.

I'll toss a salad into the bag for the various recipients, if I can. Parmesan crisps should be sent with the soup, if I'm doing it justice, but La Lump is whining about ACTually having to DO all THAT. Figures that I'd have a teenager growing in my wrist, complete with 'tude.

But that's okay. I have a date, and La Lump will get her fine self kicked to a biohazard waste disposal bin, after a brief layover with the cytology lab techs. Cue the evil laughter.

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