Sunday, October 08, 2006

the mama's wishlist

My apologies to anyone who actually reads this blog, while I take this opportunity to post my birthday wishlist.

The history of the wishlist goes like this:
What on earth made you think that brass dachsunds were a good anniversary gift?
(infuriated shrug)
(infuriated shrugger produces other frustrated gift-givers, all of whom indicate similar irkedness or boredom)
Fine. What do you want me to do?
Create a wishlist. (infuriated shrugger stomps out of the room)

This was three years ago. I have never created a wishlist a. because they seem kind of crass and b. because I don't really tend to crave things. However, with the arrival of the babes, I have discovered that I don't tend to crave things because I have hitherto engaged in commercial happy-happies, and bought moderately priced things first at whim and then (after the Eldest came) at carefully timed whim.

Having said that, I actually have a problem with birthday gifts. I think that giving children lots of presents on their birthday obscures the celebration, turning it into loot-day, thinly excused by it's being a birth-day. In my family, we gave one gift from the family, more or less, and had a nice dinner. Years on, we'd have the obligatory birthday party, but I have no real recollection of presents piling up. Just kids having fun. It's a good way to go, and I'm delighted to say that we just started the babes' college fund, courtesy of the grandparentals. Happy happy, kiddo, here's to your future. How can you beat that?

However (listen carefully here - this is the clever bit) I feel that as a responsible adult, I can probably handle it. Yes, I, as a mature, responsible (did I say 'mature?' snigger) adult (definition of 'adult': person who for some ungodly and probably ill-considered reason is responsible for the health and general well being of others), can handle greed. Er, gifts.

So, anyone actually wanting to read this blog, I suggest that you move on to here or possibly the more disorganized offering here. Anyone else, here we go (in no particular order):

West Elm credit. I've been longing for some of those black, sleek photo ledges to replace a big space hog, and can't quite decide on what length and how least two of them, maybe 3 feet long? maybe one 3 feet and one 2 feet? I'm fairly certain that I could make up my mind if I had the funds, though!

A new Circulon pot, sized for pasta and smaller batch soups. Mine died this past year, and I do miss it so.

a full night's sleep. No, really. Preferably sans the guilt from knowing that the babes will be furiously howling for his favorite snuggle toys. This might require some gentle sleep training first, so a prerequisite would be reading the damned sleep book.

a stick blender. Mine died trying some months back, and we're doing kashrut (laws of kosher) dances trying to use the DE one we've got left. It's complicated, it's occasionally got me mincing. bad things happen when I mince. Stop the mincing!

anything from a spa. Facial, massage, sitting in one of their waiting room chairs and drinking their lemon water.

working wireless internet. My laptop can't find our home wireless network when I'm sitting in the same room. What the hell?

cuddles from small people. Preferably with kisses. Sticky, if possible.

A professional photographer for family photos. I adore those gentle, black and white portraits, capturing people being people, instead of people on display. Besides, the Eldest has conceived of a hideous camera smile, more akin to a rictus. Oy.

Window shades. Ours are vinyl roll ups, and one is missing. Okay, it's not missing - it used to fall on my head whenever I opened or closed it, and finally I gave up on the thing and shoved it in a closet. I'm imagining cream Roman shades, maybe even insulated? Hey, a girl can dream...

Time with dear friends. My week with Auntie A has spoiled me. Now I want to spend quiet time with the Mirrie, R, the Gnome and j.i.c (and baby Ben) and and and.

A romantic, impossibly delicious meal at a kosher restaurant with the partner man (plus babysitter). Will accept that this is not available in Boston. Will grump about the lack of decent restaurants in Boston.

Okay, so this is all way too elaborate for a birthday. Let's try something else:

  • credit at Pandemonium, a store where I'll admittedly be dropping some cash over the next year.
  • credit at Starbucks, because hey, they make a damn good chai. Does Cafe Zing offer gift cards?
  • sushi! Preferably Fugakyu...mmm that sweet potato roll. But not the ikura - search me. And company with which to engage in my gluttony.
  • one night a week off from making dinner. Okay, one night every other week? A certificate for a couple of nights off?
  • backrubs. Foot rubs. Long bubble Where is that man, anyway? Some of this need not wait for a birthday.


Lois Grebowski said...

When is your birthday? Love the list...Let us know how it goes.

Hugs! :-D)

dykewife said...

i hope you get many items on the list, especially the sleep and spa ones. those sound like perfect gifts. :)

mama o' the matrices said...

Ooh, yes. Especially the sleep. And to answer the question, the birthday is next week, I think. No really, I think it is.