Thursday, December 14, 2006

the cards have spoken.

After some intense blood orange sorbet and chocolate mousse ice cream at Christina's tonight, we wandered over to Stellabella, where a wise swami person was reading Tarot cards (the Aleister Crowley deck), with wise pointy hat and wise red velvet slippers. Fortified with hot cider, I jumped in.

My question: will the children have good health? This was a rather snarky question because, as the bridal Canadian pointed out, my definition of good health is not quite the norm. And yet. Teh swami cut the deck, I cut the deck, and the three cards were:

Past: something to do with fertility, pleasure (the Empress?)

Present: Princess of Disks

Future: 8 of wands

The swami concluded: the boys have a grounding in fertility, are nutured by a caring person, and have energy and electricity in their future.

Hmm. Also in their present. Not bad Mister Swami, not bad a'tall.

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