Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shifra, meet Sam

Want to know if it's going to rain? Ask Sam.

Why don't babies talk when they are born? Ask Sam.

How does electricity work? Well, I thought I'd ask you, the Eldest informed me, but I'm going to ask Sam. He knows everything.

My child refuses to bring rainboots to school, unless Sam has confirmed that rain is expected. He trusts to the breadth and wisdom of Sam, and until recently, I was unaware the extent to which Sam was playing guru.

Sam knows everything, I was told. I have a lot of questions and things to learn about the world, and he tells me. pause. I have to ask him how buildings are built, he muses.

perhaps I can help? I ask, tentatively.

Yes, he says. And then I can check with Sam.

Ah. I do think that you know a lot of things, too. I suggest.

The Eldest thinks this over. I told Sam that he knows many more things than I do, and he said that I know many things that he doesn't know, I was informed. But I said that I don't think so, but Sam says it's true, and that's where the conversation ended.


yes. Sam says that I know things, so he is right, so I do.


It's cold outside, I cheerfully informed my offspring. You need mittens.

Said offspring cocked his head, thoughtfully. Did you check with Sam?


mother in israel said...


mother in israel said...

Oh, by the way, who is Shifra? A previous imaginary friend? The blogger Shifra found your post about her and quoted you, without attribution no less!!!!!

mama o' the matrices said...

Actually I meant, who strikes me as another person who has Sam's, shall we say, assurance.

Which blogger Shifra did you mean?

mother in israel said...

Oh, I guess that reference to Shifra was too subtle for me. Yes, we are talking about the same Shifra. This is in the comment section of her latest post:
I find that it sometimes upsets me to know what people are saying about me. There has been so much talk about the Hot Chanie thing that I've found myself referred to as both "annoying" and a "mysoginist" and of course I've been grossly misquoted.
I guess more than one person could have said she was annoying. . .