Monday, September 03, 2007

lemon philathropy (take two)

2 neon posterboards, 42 lemons, 1 entire bag of sugar, 7 tea bags (good profit margin on that one, the Man mumbled) and one really, really annoyed papercut (mine) later, here we are.

Oh, we had lemon. Boy, did we have lemon.

Sure, we'll have a drink, amused passersby would say. What's good?

The Eldest would barely miss a beat. The lemonade is really popular!

At the end of a long, sticky day (10.45 am - 2.25 pm), here is the final count:

1 $20 bill
1 $10 bill
$20 - in $5 bills
$34 - in $1 bills
$1 - in a dollar coin
$12 - in quarters
$2.57 - in dimes, nickels, pennies and one quarter
10p - in a random English ten pence piece. We're a little stumped.

Grand total: $99.57 (and 10p) for research into infant ALL.

Thank you to everyone who walked by and listened to an excited (and occasionally world-weary) small boy invite them to buy lemonade and 'icetea.' Thanks to everyone who understood that the Jimmy Fund is for kids with cancer, and not for gyms. Thanks to a wise lady who came armed with a newspaper to keep us amused - and bemused! Thanks to two small boys (and their patient mothers) in particular, who helped sell the drinks and to all those who cheerfully wrote or drew with chalk, inviting folks to come and see our lemonade stand.
For now, though, I quote the Eldest in this photo:
Phhheww. I'm glad we're done!

Heh. Clearly he hasn't thought about the whole walking part of the Jimmy Fund walk yet. But that, at least, is for another day.
P.S. for lemon philanthropy, part one, see here.


Anonymous said...

Almost $100 from a lemonade stand? WOW! That's just too cool!


Zina said...

Awesome! We never got around to doing the iced tea, but I did visit Tracy. Her heart is strong, but she no longer wishes for a miracle. She wants it to go to Amelia she says. Why such suffering goes to such a generous person - I just don't know.