Sunday, September 02, 2007

lemonade for leukemia

Things are hectic here, as we prepare for school (Wednesday! did I get the extra EpiPens? What about the medical kit, the IHP, the grab-and-go emergency kit, the chemical ice packs, the....argh), and I prepare to go to NY. My mother will be sitting shiva for her brother once she returns from Australia. I'll be taking over the kitchen (gluten-free, vegan shiva house! come one, come all!) and bringing the Toddles with me. The Man and the Eldest will join us for the sabbath.

It drives me batty to think of missing the Eldest's first week of school. I want to be there - selfishly, mostly - I hate that I'll miss it. But it's the right choice to make. (Argh. This grown up thing means much less selfishness than I want. ME ME ME ME ME. Right? Any day now, I'm sure. MEMEMEMEMEMEME.) With all of this, plus an encroaching - and now badly timed - deadline at work, I'll be sadly neglecting this blog for the next 7 or so days. Assuming, of course, I have the willpower to dedicate my energies as I should.

Oh, and where the hell is Mary Poppins? Since Mary Jr transformed herself into H.A. Mary Jr (Honorary Auntie), I've been sadly lacking in parrot-headed umbrellas, not to mention the wielders thereof. And let me tell ya, I'm looking.
My thanks to those of you who read this post and jumped right in! Your generosity will fund research into infantile ALL, and we are grateful to you.

For our happy donors and everyone else, donations continue to be available on-line (either generally or you can select a specific walker), or you might consider joining us on Monday at Cambridge's Dana Park, where we will have a lemonade stand to fundraise for Team Amelia. Organic lemonade and the Mama's iced tea at 50 cents a pop, and a smiling Eldest. Throw in a really excellent playground, and who'd want to miss that?

We'll open for business at about 10.30am, and will stay as long as we have lemonade. Come join us! Play with our sidewalk chalk, invite complete strangers to drink up and support a good cause.

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