Sunday, October 28, 2007

wearing babies!

It is a touch noisy in Boston right now. Wonder why? Good work, guys - and ya gotta love the Lester story. Nice.

Off to bed, as our town celebrates in it's own, too-liberal, too-hedumacated to get drunk and roar joyously fashion. Duck, said the Man calling from the home of a friend with cable TV. Duck - they just won the 'Series. We-el, okay. But frankly, the helicopters overhead (no, really) do seem overkill right around here.

Coming soon: I've been collecting kid moments on scraps of paper. Plus, the Man quit the Evil Empire, and is between jobs (and on COBRA). He'll be guest blogging a bit.

In the mean time, this has been sitting on a back burner.

The Eldest's new school continues to delight me - the other mothers and fathers, seeing me carrying the Toddles in this have responded with curiosity. One mum went so far as to buy one herself, and then stopped me in the parking lot to enthuse. Still, I hate to be fickle but no sooner had I bought my beloved ergo from Zina, than she turned around and introduced me to this. I think I'm a Organic Avocado sort of mama, but oh, my. They are light, they roll up into a leetle sausage, and they carry a toddler with ease. Oh yes, and there's the whole Fair Trade, supporting cottage industry thing. Ah, the heck with it - they're purty.

One mother, assigned to us as our mentor family, is also a member of the local babywearing group. She said to me, looking at the Toddles happily squirming in a back cross-carry wrap, Hmm. Maybe we should have a baby wearing event? A sort of how-to? A father heard us in passing, and called over his shoulder, Let me know what I can do to help! We'll sponsor!

Turns out he and his wife own a fantastic local toy shop, complete with a small pile of baby carrying gear. How wonderfully coincidental.


dykewife said...

by the time that boy was about 10 months old he was too heavy for me to carry in the rather sporty baby carrier that my brother and sister-in-law handed down to me. they used to hike a lot in the mountains (they lived in calgary at the time) and my brother hiked his daughters over hill, dale and a few mountain tops.

it saddened me when boy got too heavy. i wish that i'd known about the wraps because the way they seem set up would probably enabled me to carry him around much longer. however, bran was more than strong enough to carry him, and boy was always ecstatic to be in it. sometimes he'd happy squirm so much that we'd have trouble getting him into it.

alas, now he's taller than me. *sigh* they grow up way too quickly.

Zina said...

Guess what?! I got a skirt that matches the pattern on my Beco. It's made by a WAHM who sometimes works for a member of the babywearer's group. I got it with extra WAHM money. ;-)

Yes, I am kind of glad I missed the craziness in Boston. But what a Series. Wow!

joy said...

Odd, I had a comment up here, and now it is gone. Anyway, we've wanted a Beco for awhile, but were waiting for the new colors since we couldn't agree. We love our similar, but less structured Onbu. Yet, now that I am reminded of the new season of Becos out there, I may have to jump on that immediately. There is also which you should have a look at. How delicious are these? Too yummy for words...