Sunday, June 21, 2009

a day for Dad

The Man is the insufficiently sung hero of this blog, he who does most of the kid-time on shabbat, while I sink into naps and mutter about gender-oriented sabbatical definitions in the kitchen. (note: the sabbath starts, but I'm still chopping and organizing food. ahem.) He's a happy father, a delighted cuddler of small children, a veteran of umpteen trips to the park, and a perennial volunteer for kid soccer. 

The boys made a list (a schema, Mum!) of their father's various praises, and the Eldest copied them out. They're glued, fittingly, to the back of his title: Daddy.

Happy Father's Day, o Man. You are a wonder, a marvel, and happily for me, Imperfect.


Anonymous said...

Yaaay! Thanks!

Now let's count some beans!

Julia said...

Damn-- that was clever. Monkey's offering is, for once, pretty lame. (I bet she'll be jealous when she hears of the schema thing.) But then 1) the recipient spent the day an ocean away having more fun than should be allowed with his classmates of twenty years ago and 2) this is just not a big deal holiday for us.

Yours still kicks ass, though. Oh, heck, *I* am jealous.

dykewife said...

bran is, for the most part, both mother and father to boy. i tend to be more of a helper than a main parent of either ilk. it works for both of us though.

i'm glad to see you're back.

Beruriah said...

Wow. All Father's Day consisted of at our house was, "Oh yeah, it's Father's Day so I guess I'll handle this nasty diaper for you." :) You've given me inspiration for the future, however.

Auntie A said...

Bwaa ha ha! Schema! Have I mentioned lately that your kids are adorable? And precocious?

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