Wednesday, June 24, 2009

internal chatter, the night before

okay, the stash of emergency bribes? (Pokemon cards - yes, they've crashlanded chez nous and damn, they work)              ---- got 'em.

playing cards?            ----- yep.

that funny tell-me-a-story  card game?          ------ check.

the Dilbert book that the kids are suddenly, inexplicably in love with?
              -------  ack! can't do it. How about a nice Cam Jansen, instead?

squishy licorice treats?         --------- no worries.

math game?        ------------ because my kids are really cut from their father's cloth and holy moly yep, I got math game. Heaven help my a-numerical self if I have to use it, but maybe a nice hapless intern will wander by. Prey! Must find prey! With calculator!

emergency crayons, for decorating the paper on the exam table?      ----------- can't think of a better use for the paper, frankly. Wonder what we'll draw, this year? Hard to beat the universe from two years ago, complete with closeup of Earth. At two different levels of detail! Although this year, I might just settle for crayon kept on the paper, rather than on the walls.  On the floors. On my shoes? Yes, paper would be fine. Whatever actually ends up on it, well, might be bonus. (mental image of purple gluestick stuff on the wall, suppressed. Flashback to parenting resolution, shelved)

sheaves of clinic notes and lab results from previous visits?         ------------ got 'em. Reviewed 'em. Analysed them with the Man and planned further actions, prioritized lists of questions.

Sleep, possibly allowing mental function? For a post-viral mama?     ------------- oh, well, harrumph. Fine. But you needn't be pushy about it, you know.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well today.

Zina said...

Your kids like Pokemon too? Used to work as bribes till this past trip. Will explain later.