Monday, August 03, 2009

caveat emptor & philosopher

With both boys alternately sick (fever! high! whee!) and healthy (bounce! bounce! bounce!), I give you, in lieu of post, two mini-posts that don't appear to be growing up. Welded into one by my very elegant use of asterisks as a page divider. Whaddaya think?

***************************** (see? elegant, n'est pas?) ************************
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman, having waited 16.7 months to buy a laptop, no, the right laptop - the bashert laptop -  must now worry that she's made the wrong choice.


Because all of that time spent thinking, researching, trying to pretend that I don't have to make a decision because ooh, what if I get it wrong, watching my laptop flicker and then refuse to fade but rather, crash, borrow a laptop and pretend that huzzah! all is well, then admit that I now have to re-research the damn laptop, research, dither, ask for help, dither more, then finally hold my nose and jump in, means that surely I moved too fast?

Bought in haste? To repent at leisure?

In case I wasn't clear the first time: sheesh.

Changing gears: a thought from the Eldest

Mum, I think that the weather is an expression of God's feelings. 
oh? how so?
When it's nice out, God is happy. When it's raining, then God is sad. Maybe crying.
ah. But what if the plants need the rain?
Then God's happy. But I don't think that's true if there's lots of thunder and lightning.

Next up: anthropomorphism meets divine clockmaking. Two falls out of three.

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