Wednesday, August 05, 2009


one temp, two temp, red boy, pale boy.
This one has a little nap. That one has a silly hat.

no, really - he does. See?

(okay, fine: hair)

The Toddles is flaring into a complex little person, capable of toileting when bare-arsed, confident that no such effort is needed when diaper-arsed. And please note: as per the Toddles, there is only a minor distinction between diaper and pull-up/training pants. I am hardly in a position to argue.

He's a rather focussed little fellow, when he gets into gear, and his internal rhythms and logic are a little too sturdy for my tastes. But, as a friend once said, when I complain of uncooperative kids, she's still checking mine for a pulse. Um. Well. And the Toddles does come by a good deal of his internal certainty honestly. Trust me: the Man and I have been having the same (er) conversations for years for a reason possibly related to this. Possibly.

The boys are spending an intensely sibling summer, and there are a reasonable number of flare-ups between the King o' Order and the Prince o' Play. More so this week, thanks to somewhat cranky, viral siblingness. The Toddles has learned how to use his wail to best parental advantage, calling down the (unwarranted) Wrath O Mom onto his brother's head. The Eldest merely looks confused. Or indignant. And the Toddles is, to a large degree, sincere: he's truly upset when he wails. But he's also aware that the volume and intonation is effective. My bad, to be sure. Particularly as the guilty parties tend to be a one and a two and a one, two, here-we-go.

But once in a while, the Toddles will surprise us. After a week of rain and a morning of squabbles...

Toddles: Eldest, you are the best brother I could know.
E: um, thanks.
T: you know a lot of things - you know everything - and I only know some things.
E (looking up): thuh-thanks
T: and you -
E (interrupting, breezily): yeh, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks.

Hooray for Gina Clowes, who appears here, offering tips on hosting an allergic child. I thought her 10 Things Every Allergic Child Wishes You Knew. Personally, I'll be printing that out and using it at my next school meetings...which are very very soon.

oh, boy. Very soon. Yipes!


Rixblix said...

I think your boys are bound by brotherhood and the common experience of the allergy thing. I know Sam and Nat are closer because of it. They fight like the worst of enemies but say their each others best friend. I've gotten lots of compliments on how well they get along...I'm sure you will/do too. (And, like me, I'm sure you'll chuckle and think "you should see them at home!")

Rixblix said...

err....'it' being hemophilia and having one other person who knows exactly what 'it' is all about.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that awesome link! I will be using it this coming school year!


Auntie A said...

Have I mentioned that I love your kids? (which some days, I am sure is easier to do long-distance, but still...)

Hope they have been closer to the healthy side of things these days. And please keep reporting their conversations for posterity. You can't make this stuff up.