Sunday, July 05, 2009

one reason to wish our TV worked...


Hat tip to the Nome, for pointing out that USA Network's new show, Royal Pains, is starting with an, um, ooze. Yep: hemophilia.

Here's a short review done by someone who seems to know his tellyvision, and another done by someone whom, I suspect, knows his factor level. Shockingly, the show doesn't improve by having a bleeder on it.

And happily, curiosity isn't enough to impel us to shell out for a tv and the cable company's goodwill.


Kevin said...

Looks like you can watch the episodes on the USA website, at least for now:

joy said...

also on hulu, my favorite source for TV:

Rachel said...

I must stop reading your blog because it piqued my curiosity and I watched it tonight. Sigh. I will never get that hour back. ;)
Btw, you and toddles and the eldest and D and I should all go back later in the summer... the free trolley rides would be worth it...sorry it was so much car time and so little face time but it was great to see you both and thanks for the birthday-ness!