Wednesday, July 29, 2009

plan for recovery

if I do nothing else today, I'm promising myself that I will breathe. And nap.

We're home, as for 2 am last night, and the place overfloweth with bags (the Man's approach to packing is to toss things into bags, regardless of size. Effective, but yee-haw! our duffel multiplies itself thusly into seventeen cloth shopping bags, and where are the toothbrushes?) but not laundry (the Grandmere's approach to grandchildren is to make enthusiastic use of the washing machine. Sometimes on the children.).

And a list of things to do. Bake muffins, according to a very very specific recipe. Buy pizza. Buy calipers and measure out the Eldest's amounts of these foods. These he shall have, to those degrees, and no more.

Take the boys to their very first swimming lesson.

And breathe. In, out. In, out.

The air is the same, even if the ground has become oddly gelatinous underfoot.


joy said...

But there is pizza in your life! Caliper-measured bits of it, but still PIZZA!

You know this means that in some time foreseeable even through the murky fog, your lot may well be able to enjoy Ian's (As-Yet-Un)Famous Cast Iron Pizza. *squee*

Auntie A said...

Hope you get a chance to rest! (hey, it's theoretically possible...)

Yay muffins and pizza.

Anonymous said...

I have a clearer understanding now. Thank you for the context and information. I am so glad that you now get to try the tolerizing.

Welcome home! I hope you get some good rest.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment, but I wanted to make sure you knew that I have been checking for the updated posts with baited breath and holding it and then celebrating along with you!

Enjoy the eating of muffins, pizza and pudding!


Anonymous said...

Have a comforting Shabbat!

persephone said...

oh oh oh!!! I had thought from the last post that he might be disqualified. So very glad to hear you get to keep experimenting!

Also glad I get to read about it rather than live it. This excitement would be way too much for me. :)

Zina said...

In case I forget to ask you, where do you go for swimming lessons? B needs to learn how to swim so badly.

See you at tea!