Thursday, February 25, 2010

why my kid goes to this school

Purim is coming, and we are baking at Chez Imperfect. This year, I'm wimping out on the vegan GF hamentashen, and going straight for the sugar: vegan caramel corn. We're making batch #3 tonight, and the house smells amazingly of caramel... Come Saturday night, the Man will have bags of yumminess to offer to folks who come and listen to him do silly voices over the megilla.

But all in all, it's a holiday when we spend a lot of time watching other people eat - or judging it wiser to stay home. And as prone as I might be to self-pity, I'm actually pragmatic here: it's hard to find and safely prepare an Imperfect friendly yummy or two, especially when you are up to your ears in hamentashen flour. In fact, I am actively grateful to people who recognize this risk...and opt out.

The Man and I think of our mishloach manot as a kind of gentle persuasion: oh, do you like that? I can give you the was easy to make. But primarily, as a way of saying to our friends and community, hey - good to see you! It might make you uncomfortable to receive and not give, but we're fine with that. We value our friendships and community more than some relationship balance sheet.

But sometimes, we get an unexpected revolt. This year, it happened at the Eldest's school.

After a flurry of emails and a phone call or two between me and the Cooking Club Leader (aka, lady whose club turns out yumminess with extreme wheat, dairy and egg content, but is very nice), the flurry concluded with the following result:

(From the Assistant Head of School, via email)

Dear Teachers and Mothers of Highly Allergic Kids -

I'm writing to let you know that we have allergy-safe treats for Mishloah Manot for your boys.

Tomorrow morning the Lower School students will pick up treats for Mishloah Manot from a "store" we're setting up in the Sabra classroom. Some of these treats are store bought. Hershey's Kisses, Starkist Gems, Twizzlers, and raisins. Those items are clearly marked and the boys will take what is safe for them to take.

Also available will be caramel popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, and Rice Krispie Treats made here at school under Cooking Club Leader's supervision. Cooking Club Leader prepared special batches according to the specifications for Allergic Kid and the Eldest. Allergic Kid is able to have all three items. Eldest is able to have the popcorn and the pretzels. Their portions are specially marked and available in my office, separate from the rest of the goodies.

I hope this adds to a joyous Purim for all!

HUGE thanks to Cooking Club Leader!!

Erev tov,

Assistant Head of School

Oh, yes. And lest I fail to mention it, without fanfare and much punting, the Toddles' school has also made allergy-friendly mishloach manot for the kids. All of them.

Oh, the gifts that we are given...


Rachel L said...

Hooray for the two schools! And, here's hoping that they feel lucky that they have your family there. Because they are. Btw, tried vegan GF hamentaschen... I chilled (as instructed) for 8 hours... dough is hard as a rock... not sure what to do now. sigh.

Auntie A said...

Gifts, indeed! It's wonderful to hear about people going the extra step. Purim sameach to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Mental health day and "getting things done and off the to do list day" are definitely two different days. Both can be refreshing and make you feel better but I don't think doing chores counts as mental health. I find that for mental health days/hours I need to get out of the house, otherwise they devolve into get things done days.

So I think you deserve another day or at least some time for the mental health part - i highly recommend a massage! And then if you want a parter in tea and chocolate (of course out of the house) I am happy to volunteer!

Chag Purim Sameach to you all!

persephone said...

The first person who called and requested our personal safe list, so they could send mishloach manot that Aleph could eat, almost had me in tears. I'd been trying to gear up to compensate/comfort him somehow for all the treats he wouldn't be able to taste that day; it never occurred to me that other people might volunteer to meet our crazy requirements in order to include him.

I'm still a little teary about it, actually.

joy said...

too wonderful for words