Thursday, March 25, 2010

confused by the economy? The Toddles isn't.

I was zooming down the highway, contemplating the difference between my rented SUV and my short, agile sedan, when:

Mum, when I have a family, how can I buy them a house?

I admit that this caught me somewhat off-guard. I asked some questions.

When I'm eighteen, he explained, because then I can drive a car.
And a job? college? post-college? You will need to earn be able to some money, kiddo.

There was a dangerously thoughtful pause from the back seat. Then:
I'll just get money from the bank.

And oh, but he explained: The bank has someone who goes and finds money. Then he comes back and gives the money to someone. If nobody is there, he waits for one, two minutes. He considered briefly, then went on. If he hasn't come back yet, that's okay. I'll sit in the waiting room with my family until he comes.

There was a slightly less dangerous pause.

This will be before I have babies, of course.

Because babies don't suit waiting rooms? I was about to ask, when he began to explain about his partner, and we got tangled up in the question of types of partner vis a vis gender, the complications that some partners offer for baby-making (both in-house and otherwise).

How odd, he said, as I explained some of the more complicated options. And mused quietly for the rest of the drive.

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J.G. Fellow said...

I rather like the image of the toddles and partner waiting patiently for the guy with the money to return.

Sometimes, it takes awhile to count all those beans...