Tuesday, March 02, 2010

too...many...posts... (and Purim)

I'm burbling with posts that are half-written, not-written, and seeping slowly, determinedly, towards the keyboard. But while I'm wrestling with ways to talk about what, exactly, is manipulation, or the NPV in relation to oh, allergy tests? People's interest in sneering at allergy tests? Prodding them thoughtfully to see if they deflate? Given that it took me a full hour and much muttering to write a sensible comment, I'm going to wimp out...and just slap down a photo post.

So, happy belated Purim! Below are the boys, fierce in their costumes as Moltres (a feathered, yellow Pokemon who gives of flames) and a pirate. See? fierce?

okay, maybe more like, sheeesh, MOM, just take the PICture alREADY. Try this one:

fiercer, right? Taking grr, boy pictures appears to be an art - and one that lends itself very very well to the blurry photo, aka the photo that is designed to show action, momentum and the vibrancy of the kid who didn't politely hold still. Oh, well.

Neither, as it happens, did their brains. And if you've not yet had the pleasure of researching pirate couture with your preschooler, allow me to recommend the experience. According to the Toddles, pirates havehats, Mum. Red hats. With white stripes - but the white stripes have to have red in them, too. And treasure maps. The treasure maps were tricky, but the eyepatch was easily faked. And, having discovered the joys of descending numbers of stitches, i used the same trick to make Vulcan points on the Eldest's hat. In the theory that these points were avian, of course. Because - did I mention? - we've turned into one of those irritating crafty homes. It was inevitable, the Man said, soothingly. You've always been the sort of person who likes to do things herself.

Yes. But in my defense, crocheting a hat is, apparently, much like pickling: it's a big, fat, no freakin' way could this be so easy! Two hours or so later, aargh, said I, pirate hat in hand, but it is. And oh, yes, it is also danged cute. See?

Details? Alas for you all, I'm delighted to offer some.

I used the pattern from here, on the grounds that it did not require more than an active neuron or two, nor did it require much time: with two chunky yarns wound together, this was a quick hat to make.

The Toddles' hat pattern also made the Eldest's flaming Moltres head - sans flames. Many thanks to magid, whose timely advice saved me from the perils of hyperbolic crocheting. Instead, I merely doubled or tripled the number of stitches per row, which is totally different, if only because it doesn't have that unnervingly mathematical name. My fibonacci'd stitches hung on chains of twisting, feathery thread, the elegant version of which would look more or less like this.

Or, in my case, like this:
I'm going to spare you the details of the Eldest's flaming, ribbonned wings, not because I have any mercy on the subject, but because I'm tired. And I am, for once, going to sleep. Where I shall doubtless dream of grinning pirates (with secret, hidden fire-wing-maps sewn into their pirate vest pockets) and swooping, laughing feathered boys....


Anonymous said...

happy belated purim. just got finished weeping over Sunday, May 06, 2007. Five. Wow, mazel tov. My son is four. Working on mixing, and he's stuck my spouse.

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

I had to go back a re-read the post. Go off and snuffle a bit in the corner until I was ready to reply.

nyc_reb, congrats on your little guy's mixing and stick! Mixing is really just not simple, is it? I have only recently stopped counting the number of alcohol wipes that the Eldest uses when he mixes his factor...heck, only recently stopped watching him do it.

Okay, I admit it: hovering while he does it. But not heckling.

good luck to you, and here's hoping that the good pokes keep on coming... (sorry - a little bruiser humor. couldn't resist.)