Monday, May 17, 2010

leisure? who needs leisure?

okay, so today we all slept in (I'm setting my alarm a little later than usual, hon. So don't rely on me to get up first - I won't), and then ran around like insane people. We infused clotting oomph into the Eldest (okay, the Man did), we showered (I did, anyway), we dressed kids (the kids might have helped here) and we ran out the door like mad things. Twenty-two minutes after I'd opened my eyes and yelped.

We were ten minutes late to school.
The Man was five minutes late for work.
The Eldest had a great day. (see? it's not all about an evil morning routine)
The Toddles had a stellar day. (transitions? bah. we laugh at transitions)
I am wiped. (well, okay. that one? we saw it coming. might not have anything much to do with the morning, though)

Hm. Maybe all of this pre-planned routine isn't necessary? maybe, we should start sleeping later, and then tossing the kids in the direction of the car, toothbrushing optional.

Worth considering, no? But not at the moment - I have to cook, fold laundry, set out clothes for tomorrow, pack the kids' backpacks, and finish washing dinner dishes. Or hell, toss it all and go to sleep. Apparently, we can work wonders in twenty-two minutes or less....

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