Sunday, May 02, 2010

put ye not faith in princes

for they will have recalls. And leaks.

Have you seen this? I am fighting an urge to hunt down a J&J exec, and to throw my half-empty bottles of Benadryl, Zyrtec and what the heck, a few Tylenol bottles at him. Or her.

On the other hand, full credit goes to them for sending out the recall before a child was over-dosed with any of these medicines.

Nonetheless, between the antihistamine/acetaminophen recall, the high pollen count *and* the big water main break, well, it might just be time to go on a gremlin hunt. Just as soon as I finish going through all of the NDC codes - lessee, I got the ones in the bathroom cabinet, the closet stash, the boys' backpacks, oh - my bag! right. And I guess I should email the schools, too...just as soon as they finish stocking up on water, I'm sure they'll have oodles of time to deal with checking on the kids' antihistamines, right?

yeah. right.

But, not to leave you post-less, here is an assortment of images from a day without cracked water pipes, or pharma-fun.
On a day when the sun shone, and the schools were obligingly closed, the Toddles met a new friend, inching - then stretching his slightly creepy way along a stick. Until I'd gotten a closer look, I hadn't realized that inch-worms have legs primarily on either end of their bodies. We watched the inchworm creep, then stretch, twisting impressively as it tried to find a new foot(feet?)hold.

But the inchworm's gunmetal grey self was far outshone by this stylish fellow:

He was, no doubt, hanging around the area for the promising blueberry and raspberry pickin's to be had, later in the season. Maybe even a bit of the apples that grow along the trail. The kids spotted deer tracks, making me think that our sunshiny friend might be outcompeted, but hey, there's probably enough for everyone.

The Toddles picked handfuls of purple and white violets, admired pussywillows and peeling birches. I guessed recklessly at plants, but was stumped by this plant, which I was unable to identify. A chard? A wild rhubarb?

After a wonderful wander and a merry picnic, we went home. The Toddles, his pockets stuffed with rocks, juggling a last few treasures - including an entire brick - on his way to the car.
The rocks dribbled out of his pockets as we walked, and each step brought more wonderful bits of stone. But, hey, kid? you've got to leave some of the world for next time. He looked at a particularly lovely chunk of the world that wouldn't stay pocketed, and wailed.

But I FOUND it! And it's MINE!

I shrugged. Maybe it can be yours, later? Maybe we can try to rediscover it next time?

A very crucial brick at his feet, he considered this. And if we don't find it next time, I'll find something else, he informed me. Lots of something elses.

Wrestling with maps and looping little roads that should go somewhere other than where they did, I looked up. And tried not to sigh.


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Anonymous said...

From what I can see of the stalks, it looks more rhubarb-y than chard (especially since the coloring of the leaves isn't quite chard-y). Just a guess, though.