Sunday, June 20, 2010

clinging invaders

Driving home from the great Father's Day round-up (six fathers appreciated, no waiting!), we drove through the NY/CT corridor. It's usually a lovely drive, with banks of trees lining the road, green or red-and-gold-and-orange or starkly, elegantly bare. Today, the green nearly glowed, a wall of vibrancy that, as I admired it, slowly admitted to being a mass of vine.

The trees were enrobed in the stuff, and the odd bare branch attesting to the cost. So much for enjoying the scenery - this is frankly depressing.

The vine, by the way, is kudzu, and it's the best example of an invasive species going, called by this website, the plant that ate the south. Coming soon to a northern scene near you....

N.B. Wondering what's being done about the stuff? Take a look at this, from the Army Corps of Engineers. They estimate roughly ten years of intensive effort ought to bring the kudzu under control. Bloody unlikely to happen, outside of military bases, I suspect. Sigh.

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