Tuesday, February 15, 2011

an app and a thump!

Oh, dear galoshes, I want that app. Bump! goes the Imperfectmobile. Ow, wails a child, unless they go for the it spIIIIlllled variant, or the elegantly simple MOOOOOOOmmmm!

Oh, no. With this app, every time I hit a pothole, we Imperfects - and our hapless carpoolians - will cheer. Gotcha! we will shout, and now, minions: fix! This is going to beat the heck out of the virtual paint-ball cannon that we've installed on the roof of our car, for use on egregious drivers, or possibly just to amuse ourselves during traffic. (Note: the paint is always translucent, and beads up instantly on windshields, thereby avoiding a driving hazard. Mostly.)

Except, of course, if we do get the app, then I might feel obliged to use it on the two craters within a few blocks of our home - oh, and that gigantic crevasse a few minutes farther out - and - oh. Um. Bad for the rims, anyone?

Still, this has been the most absurd winter for having things dumped on our heads. (And yes, that is a photo of someone plowing their parking lot. ) Which makes me wonder: maybe the newer, resulting battle against the pits opening up under our feet is - um - providing a sort of balance?

Or not.

Hurrah for civic duty. Maybe next year, I'll start mine earlier in the winter. Before the cracks begin their mysterious tectonic migrations.

(hat tip to the Precise One for information about the app)

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