Tuesday, June 07, 2011

morning improbable

go go go go shit stubbed -ow-fmfrikkintoe- um. Hi, honey.

The Toddles walked in slowly, meditatively. Also? pajamaedly.

Um, kid? It's morning. Time to get going for the day. I point at his pile of day clothes, sitting in the hallowed pile o' day clothes spot. He doesn't blink. Also? doesn't turn around.

Yes. I know. The kid flops down on the bed, his expression still serene, still relaxed. But I stopped the clock. 

I blink. He clarifies, time is standing still now.

Something in my morning routine knife pleats, then crumbles. Side by side, we stare at a line of light, threatening to creep across the ceiling. I could get to like this, I say, sleepily.

We pause, sinking into the stillness and inertia.

Mom! Mom! We have to go in seventeen minutes! the Eldest shrieks, running into the room. I turn my head to look at his brother, who doesn't have the grace to look sheepish.

I forgot to tell you, he says, calmly, I started it up again.

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