Monday, February 06, 2006

overheard conversations

Child: I have to pray to God so that he won't send the lightening and thunder.
Mama: really? Might you pray to God for other reasons?
Child (scathing): No. And I need the very big book way up there.
Mama (sensing a ploy): Nope. You can use your little one.
Child: That's okay - God's not a real person, anyway. Everybody is just making him up.
Mama: what makes God not real? Just because you can't see Him doesn't mean He's not there.
Child: He's hiding in the clouds, up where I can't see him. But he's not real because He doesn't have bones.
Mama: Ah.

scene: child at school with nurse, who is giving the infusion of clotting factor, while the mama is home sick. Other children are watching with tremendous interest.

Child: And this is the needle, and this is the gauze, and here is the alcohol, which you need to clean the skin.
Nurse: If you want, we can do this where your friends can't watch us. Are you alright with all of the kids watching?
Child: Yup. It's okay.
Watching Child: XXXXXX, are you getting medicine because you are sick?
Child: No. The medicine keeps me healthy.
Nurse: (silent explosion of pride)


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