Tuesday, February 07, 2006

a variant on a familiar tune

Eggs, soy, dairy, wool, mold, peanuts and tree nuts. Overall IgE.

I briskly accepted the lab slip from the allergist, letting momentum carry me forward while my brain stood still. Will stand still, I hope, until we get the results. I'm too easily guilty of planning damage control in advance, and it can take up to a week and a half to get the results.

Did I say that I felt like mama roadkill at our last allergy appointment? Well, yes. But this time I mean it. Oh, my sweet patooties, this is just about too much. I can handle most of that list, but the eggs and the soy - the very idea of checking for just one more ingredient is overwhelming. Sigh.

Oh, I know, it'll settle itself in. As we always do, there's the new rule for a child's care, followed by the initial shock/rage/grief reaction, which I know so well that I can manage it in hours rather than days, then adjustment. Eventually, we look up one day to realize that hey, we've been managing just fine under the new regime. Huh! Would ya look at that.

But today is not that day. mumble grumble rumble grrrrr Food is a wonder and a comfort to me, and I adore exploring flavors, textures, and sharing those pleasures with my lover, my sons. Food is love, pleasure, comfort - and complications. Eschewing the temptation to unpack the metaphor of food and parenting, I give you instead

The Mama's wish list for today:
a peanut butter sandwich
anything chocolate, preferably from Burdick's
a personal chef (I read about this - they come to your home and make you dinner!)
Matt James to fix up my yard
a full night's sleep


magid said...

You're still eating chocolate, yes?

*schemes to get you lovely chocolates*

RabotMachshavot said...

I don't know what to say.