Thursday, July 20, 2006

the blogger's motivation

One of the assumptions that the blogger makes is that his/her ideas are worth reading, that his/her stories are interesting. It’s the rebellion of real life against the lure of fiction, the famous-person biography, the too-dramatic reality TV.

As it happens, I crave the ordinary, the boring. Too often, it feels like my life swings between excitement and drama…with periods of waiting in between. But what does the blogger do on the day so mundane as to be un-blog-worthy? Apparently, wait until dinner.

At dinner, the babes clapped. Delighted, first the Eldest, then the rest of us joined him. We applauded our clever babes, who’d taught himself this trick. We applauded the dinner, each other, the coming rain.

Here’s to an ordinary day, and the child who invoked its ovation. May there be many encores.

Dinner tonight (prepared by a Mama whose tum semi-politely declined to partake):
Broiled sausage
Potato-corn salad

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