Tuesday, July 18, 2006

random moments of the day

The Mater always said that a home with a crawling baby is a home with very clean floors. Watching the babes hoover around, I can only agree. What she didn’t say, though, is that a home with a cruiser has very clean toilets…ugh.

‘Mum, I had a great idea!’ (patient look from the mama feeding the baby) ‘I left a piece of toilet paper –here- so that the next time some poop wants to come out, the paper can catch it.’ (semi-hysterical look from the Mama)

From cradle to grave, marketing is truly ubiquitous. Avoiding t-shirts with logos is a major challenge, but why should my boys be human adverts for Disney/Pixar, the gap, Old Navy? Generally speaking, I am successful – with one exception: underwear. The alarmingly vast majority of toddler undies is branded in some fashion. Today, I caved and bought the kid ‘Madagascar’ undies, a movie he doesn’t know (yet). Last year, I caved on the same issue, buying “construction vehicles!” undies, which he now recognizes as Bob the Builder – a TV show I don’t think he’s seen more than once. Hopefully ‘Madagascar’ won’t have Bob’s longevity, if only to protect the shreds of my philosophical stance…at least until next year, when we can move on to non-toddler undies.

The hell with kashrut*. If I don’t have that iced coffee, I’ll be too tired to function. (pause, to see if the rest of the brain buys this. It doesn’t.) Damn.

“I’m pretending I can eat peanuts, and I’m also putting in one of your favorite foods: an onion! Oh, and Mum, everything I put in my soup is soy. This is a soy egg, and it is safe for the babes, so you can put it into your milk.”
Thanks, love.

Dinner tonight: depends on whether the partner or I can get to the store. If so, then spring rolls with tofu – a favorite of the Eldest’s. If not, then I dunno…leftovers? Rice crust pizza? Hm. Maybe I ought to deputize the man to hunt and gather tonight. With, mind you, a shopping list in hand… Nah, too hot. Salad with peaches and lettuce, another with tomato, cucumber and tofu. leftover mashed 'taters and done.

*kashrut, or the laws of keeping kosher, require certain things, such as not eating milk and meat at the same meal, buying processed foods that have a symbol marking them as supervised kosher (green beans, for example, are unprocessed and kosher. A loaf of bread might be kosher, if lard isn’t used, and a rabbinic supervising presence makes sure that all laws of kashrut are observed in, say, a given bakery.).

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