Wednesday, August 15, 2007

no fire, no smoke

Okay, so I'm back and I'm sure nobody is shocked that everything is fine.

The house is still standing, the Y-chromosomes still numbering three, the kitchen has a notable lack of big black scorch marks, so okay, apparently I can leave them. Oh, and the Toddles has resumed his nursling habits, which unclenches something deep inside me.

Footsore, slightly sweaty and still marvelling at the hybrid that is the ROM , I persuaded Auntie A that pedicures were in order. My feet soaking in a hot tub of - water? - I called the Man. I'm relaxed and having a wonderful time, I told him. Please kiss the kidlings on each elbow, and on their left eyebrows, I said.

There was a long pause on the other side of the phone. Um, honey? I don't know how to tell you this, but we're in the ER. My voice was preternaturally calm as I replied. Of course you are.

Even so. I came home to find that the Toddles is sleeping in the boys' room, hitherto known as MY room, MINE! as per the Eldest. He's sleeping better than ever, too - and so am I. The Eldest is adjusting.

So, then. The world has not ended, the Eldest is going to recover nicely, and I got a couple of nights' good sleep (plus a fun wedding, kindly hosted by the stubborn Canadian - who took a couple of hours and dressed me for it, then happily complimented me on her work). Oddly enough, I'm almost disappointed: don't they need me around here?

Happily, the answer seems to be something on the order of: mostly.


It's Too Pretty for Leftovers Salad
serves 4 happy 'but I don't eat that' eaters

2-3 salmon steaks, left over and cold (poached, grilled or broiled, baked)
1 avocado, cut into chunks
3 Tb red onion, sliced thinly
1/4-1/3rd cup salad dressing (consider option #1, or option #2. If you use bottled, I don't want know about it.)
two generous handfuls arugula (or baby spinach, or redleaf lettuce)
1 cucumber, cubed
1/2 cup terra chips (or 1/3rd cup terra sticks)

Break salmon into pieces (I used my fingers), toss all together and serve.

We ate ours with sauteed collards (heat olive oil, toss in a chopped onion and saute until brown. Add washed, roughly chopped collards and coarse salt. Saute, then pull off heat and squeeze half of a lemon over it. Ahhh) and a version of the crisp made with blueberries and plums. Mm!

Disclaimer: everybody, and I do mean everybody, ate so much salad that we were too full for crisp. Can you imagine that? I can't.

The Toddles is growing out of his size medium gDiaper pants! His latest weight at the allergy clinic shows him hovering around 26 lb, a.k.a 11+ kilo. No wonder the straps on his gPants were a little hard to close.

(Note: see here, here and here for the diapering issue. It's a funny mix of allergies meets mama's crazy eco-sensibilities, but we're really, really happy and our mix of cloth and flushables is financially stable and honestly easy. Then again, I cook gluten-free/vegan/nut-free/sesame/poppy - yeah, okay, my idea of 'easy' might not be yours. But it is, anyway.)

Oh, the agony. Oh, the horror. Oh, oh, oh, mama's going shopping! No worries, I'd already laid in a supply of 4 size large gPants so I shan't wholly trash the budget. Clearly, though, we'll need more than 4 - with the 12 I have now, I have minimal upkeep (diaper construction once per week, takes 10 minutes). 12 would be good, 8 will be manageable for a month. And then back for me!

Oh, but it grieves me to see the brand new colors (ooh) available. gDipe founder Jason had this to say on his blog about the new colors. Heh. It's potty humour, but then...consider the source. Funny, funny guy.


dykewife said...

first off, welcome back! i'm sure that toddles was very happy to see you. :) i'm glad the eldest is on the mend and i'm even more happy that you had a relaxing time away.

it's funny, i was talking to bran today, dreaming about winning the lottery and how i'd get weekly pedicures and chat to people on my cell phone. of course, for me the problem is that i wouldn't call anyone but him. since he'd be sitting beside me getting his own pedicure, i'd talk on my cell phone and he'd just answer me. this way people could talk about the really nutty couple. yeah, we're loopy :)

Auntie A said...

Good to hear that all is well at home and that no spits were utilized in your absence :)

Please thank the y-chromosomes (especially the man) for letting you come visit.

The toes are still pretty!

AidelMaidel said...

Have you tried this with steak or chicken instead of salmon? It looks good, but I am planning a simcha and need to make food in quantity - and salmon ain't cheap. Plus it's a buffet so I don't want both fish and meat. If you used chicken, what spices would you spice the chicken with?

mama o' the matrices said...


brifely, this is the salad of many variations. Ues arugula, redleaf, green leaf, romaine - or some combination thereof. The important bits are these:

*sharp greens (arugula, endive, radicchio)
*greens for padding out the quantity (iceberg looks cheap, anything else is great, a mixture looks stylish)
*acid-sweet contrast: that could be tomato and peaches, or tomato and avocado, tomato and cucumbers, you choose what you have
*protein - this could be lox, salmon, grilled chicken (I'm having the tomato-peach-arugula-leftover grilled chicken version tonight), etc. Slice into strips - three boneless chicken breasts will easily feed three adults
* fancy additions - this could be craisins, hearts of palm, really good olives, dried apricots...the goal is mild flavor, sweet tartness (craisins, dried apricots) is also good. I have a friend who adds a chopped up fennel bulb, which is also good, right, Spring? I also like mango, cut into strips - ripe, underripe, it's all good.
* sharpness. This is red onion, chives, scallions, etc. I put garlic in my dressing, so can omit the onions, but remember: you want visual appeal, which means some variety in texture and color. The terra chips serve this purpose, and if my kids could eat corn I'd get the more cost-effective tortilla chips (which go great with the Mexican standards of lime juice and avocado, BTW, as well as hearts o' palm)

Hope that helps, Aidel. My usual approach is to take one of those huge pasta dishes, the almost flat ones with the raised lip on the edge, and to heap it with whatever's cheap and pretty in the supermarket on Friday. It's a great group salad, just have no fear, make a really good dressing and toss stuff in!