Sunday, November 05, 2006

gDiapers: day one

I recently bought a gDiaper starter kit ($22.95), after discovering corn in Huggies and the Especially for Baby diapers. And after wrestling a bit with Pampers and Luvs to get the information I needed, and thereby feeling a bit uncertain as to how far I could trust the information I did get.

My conclusions were that the safest diapers on the market are also the crunchiest ones: 7th Generation and gDiapers. Both companies are excellent communicators, both eco-conscious, both more expensive than cheapo diapers. And, of course, there is cloth. So I bought the gDiaper kit and stared at it uneasily for a while. Here is the start of a series about our trial:

Well, we've made it through our first gDiaper night, without the second liner they recommend. This was not, mind you, a deliberate move, just me diapering the kid and sending him off to bed before I read the 'night time tips' section on the website. Whoops.

Kept waking up, alert for a whiff of ammonia. None. Given the enthusiasm with which the Toddles nurses at night (minimum one feed plus 1-2 marathons), I would have expected a wet baby and a wet bed. Nope.

So far so good during the day, flushing is easy, and the only challenge is keeping a diaper or two lined and ready to go. I can see now why they give an extra little nylon layer, since once you've used the little pants once or twice, they smell a bit of pee. But, rinse the little layer and let it dry (snapping in the extra), and you are all set.

Still, it's extra steps: flushing the liner, rinsing the swirling stick, rinsing and replacing the nylon layering bit. Will it become second thought? I hope so - the idea of not having a diaper spend 600 years in a landfill for my convenience is a hefty thought.

And, of course, the Eldest has just learned about recycling and landfills, and young sponge that he is, he is fascinatedly watching over my diaper-changing shoulder. Learning exactly how far his parents think one should go to preserve our planet, how much trouble the planet is worth.

Oh, dear. And all I wanted was to avoid corn!

Next up: the first poop.


purplekanga said...

I've looked at those diapers and thought they were interesting. I'll look forward to hearing more about how they work for you.

Did you find out for sure if 7th generation had corn? Those are usually what I use when I use disposables.

mama o' the matrices said...

Kanga, 7th gen does not have corn. But they do have good customer service...I'll put together a post with all of my responses from baby stuff companies soon, I hope.