Thursday, April 16, 2009

an omission

for those of you who pointed out (quietly) that I'd omitted something in the covering posts, my apologies. I did.

I forgot the kid! 

Phooey on the crafty, back-patting stuff, the real point is the kid himself. Who looked me in the eye during chol hamoed (the interim days between the sabbath-like parts of the holiday) and said, you know, Mum, I usually daven [pray] in the mornings. While I looked both astonished and abashed, he fetched his siddur from the bookcase and began to sing.

Oh, my.

I have a sudden and horrible feeling that I should consider repeating this siddur cover, and making a simpler one for him to use at home. But - holy freakin' moses - that would mean making one for the Toddles, also, because summer is coming and that means I'll be standing guard over the daily davening times and then agkflgmandib

Editor's note: this post was terminated in haste, due to an unexpected fracturing of mental processes. Please pardon our appearance while we conduct repairs. Also, while we de-Passover the kitchen.


chavale said...

I just wanted to share with you what I just learned: the yekkishe phrase for this night (turning the kitchen back to chametz) Rumblenacht! Awesome, right?

Auntie A said...

I am in awe of your newfound* crafty skills. Beautiful! And Eldest obviously appreciates and uses the siddur which is of course the point.

*although possibly not so new as I think I still have, somewhere, a cute little dolly that was 'sort of sewn' by a former roomie when she left for her brother's bar-mitzva... ;)

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

Rumblenacht? I love, love, love it. I wonder what they call it when the nacht turns into a week?

And good grief, Auntie A - really? You still have that? I'd clean forgotten about it.