Thursday, April 23, 2009

a picture of someone...getting the point

oh, the blogosphere - she do fascinate.

Here's a quasi-blog, quasi-advert for a book about to come out, which posted the cover art - and got slapped in the comments section. Is the cover art offensive? Or is it funny? You decide. Polls are open for the next 6? days, and the best image of the cover is here (the 4/13 entry).

Personally, I find it funny.  A kid with fine print giving out a healthy dose of snark? Works for me.


joy said...

oh silly internet. Heavens forbid that kids, ya know, act like kids do, despite anything else they've got going on in their lives. Oi vey. I hope they don't change it too much.

Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

I'm betting that they don't change it at all, actually. After all, consider the book's title - clearly, these folks have a sense of humor that quirks oh, so nicely.

And special needs kids? Amping up the snark? Nah.