Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a small observer

and participant.


oh. yes?

I want to say the bracha that thanks God for letting us be living.

(I chew the last of my dinner, thinking this over)

Do you mean this one?

(satisfied, he nods, and launches into bentching)


amy said...

Hi Miryam,

I love your blog! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard this early in the morning :-)

Thanks for your words of encouragement on my food allergy blog. You have no idea how much I need it. I am looking forward to homeschooling next year, but I am a little nervous as well. I do more writing on my family blog, www.learningatourhouse.wordpress.com Feel free to visit me there, too. I just recently started double posting the food allergy entries there so my family doesn't have to read two blogs.

I look forward to reading more of your writing and getting to know you.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!