Saturday, November 25, 2006

forget the turkey...

I just got offered a job working on The Book on parenting children with a bleeding disorder.

Hot diggity damn.

Second thought: oh, dear. This means that someone thinks I know what I'm doing. It worries me when people think that.

On the subject of things that astonish and delight, try this link to a study about overcoming egg allergy, by researchers at Duke University. We used a similar method when the Eldest was making antibodies to his clotting proteins (called 'inhibitors' because damn, those things inhibit!), and we gave him daily infusions of clotting protein into the blood stream, for 18 months. Worked, mind you, and the Pater has been asking ever since why the docs don't do this for food allergy, too. Hmm. Pater, it seems that the boys at Duke have been listening.


jgfellow said...

I'd go with "hot diggity damn."


-J. G.

magid said...

Oooh! Congratulations!

dykewife said...

congratulations!! hot diggity human! and you do know what you're doing and talking about.

joy said...

waHOOO! I'm thrilled that others are aware of your awesomeness. Especially others with opportunies (somehow that sounds like friends with benefits, except in a jobby, non-sexual way).

mother in israel said...

Now that is cool.