Thursday, November 16, 2006

picking it up

6.20 am: the Toddles, nursing, bites me. Crap. Are we doing that again?

8 am: the Toddles flings a toy at my head, shrieking with joy.

6.35pm: running out the door, I lift a bulk package of toilet paper, which rips, sending rolls bouncing across the floor.

I tell The Man: today, if I picked it up, I dropped it. If I dropped it, it had liquid in it. If it had liquid, it spilled on me.
Man, carefully, Then don't pick it up.

Resisting an urge to throttle him, I ran out the door to the umpteenth meeting about kindergartens. (I am now having dreams about talking to admissions directors. They are more interesting when my subconcious produces them, I think.) And promptly got lost at the intersection of Rts 2, 3, 16 and Concord Ave. Some days are like that. Luckily, someone had thoughtfully built a Starbucks at this intersection, so I was able to find solace.

But no driving directions.

On a different note, the gDiapers are back! The Toddles got that irritated skin thing under his diaper (I admit it, I second guessed myself and used the last of the cheapo diapers with maybe, maybe not corn from the company who never called me back), so I went out and bought some more flushable inserts.

Last night: no leaks! And his skin looks much happier...

The Eldest has a book by Stephen Johnston, called My Little Blue Robot, which has all the necessary bits to build a robot-ish figure. The robot talks when you press on his chest, to the Eldest's concern (it makes me jump, Mummy). He figured out how to disconnect the circuit, and feels better having that degree of control.

The robot, when toggled appropriately, says Hello! I'm your friend! Let's play. Having built the thing and connected the circuit, the Eldest listened to this for a bit. Thoughtfully, he said, We should put Pedro (the robot) away on Shabbat, so that the Toddles won't accidentally make him talk. (We don't use electricity on the sabbath.) Then he thought some more. But if the robot does talk on shabbat, he'll say, 'Hello, God! I'm your friend! Let's play....'


Jason Graham-Nye said...

Thanks so much for returning to gDiapers. I am one of the founders and thrilled to hear you have had success - last nigth at least!
Please, please please give us a call if you have any questions. We have about 500 mums and dads at who are gCustomers. They too have a wealth of knowledge.


dad/ CEO

mother in israel said...

Some people are very industrious with the search engines!

mama o' the matrices said...

Jason, thanks for the support! One of the things that attracted me to gDiapers has been your company's communication impression you've just proved true.

So far so good - no leaks, happy flushes, and the Toddles' skin is much happier in the gDiapers that it is in the cheapo, corn-containing ones. But that's allergies for you...

Now, if we could only get gDiapers into Target. Shaw's? And what about selling those little pants in the stores? Jason, we've got hopes over here!

Auntie A said...

Never mind the diapers (I myself try to avoid them whenever possible), how cute is Eldest?

mama o' the matrices said...

oh, pretty darned cute, I'd say. But then again, he is the fruit o' loins, you know.