Saturday, January 26, 2008

I think I can, I think I can - I know I can

This is in response to a challenge from AidelMaidel, and my thanks to the MIL who called to warn me that I was tagged:

The Rules are simple:
You have 15 minutes and 15 minutes only. Time yourself.
No making changes once the list is completed beyond correcting spelling mistakes.
Be Honest. It's okay if it's silly or strange or weird or disconcerting.
Resist the urge to explain yourself. Wait and see what other people will ask you to explain after they read your list.

Right, then, here we go.

I can...
* bake things my kids will – and can – eat
* crochet a kipa
* read a map
* tell a story
* give a detailed medical history
* be aware of the person in front of me
* empower
* give great big enveloping hugs
* sit and wait for a child who needs a moment
* give gentle, as-you-need-it-to-be hugs
* be a fierce, loving mother
* be a fierce, loving wife
* hold grudges
* be spiteful
* be strong
* collapse
* make a Shabbat meal that feeds the body and the spirit
* make a home
* make things grow. Most of the time.
* teach children to taste things, smell things, look at things and to think about what they learn this way
* fascinate small children
* make small children laugh. Sometimes from across the room
* be calm in scary situations, and spread that calm around
* erupt
* fold a lotus blossom out of paper
* multitask
* get lost in a book
* plan complexly
* accept my realities – sometimes
* advocate
* write a column that I’m proud of
* be generous, but I can also be selfish
* organize. Anything.
* effect change
* be stubborn
* be determined
* be opinionated
* keep my mouth shut. Sometimes.
* be honest.
* shove aside a phobia to needles
* delight in my friends, but I can also need solitude
* talk to my children about difficult topics
* read medieval English
* read a medieval manuscript
* share what I know
* share my values
* make a decent latte
* make a safe haven for my children
* make the Toddles’ hurts better with a kiss
* help the Eldest heal with a hug and a listening ear (and occasionally, a needle)
* learn to make a needle a way to show love
* make a needle-stick a time for fun and companionship
* recognize an emergency and act
* help my children trust me, no matter how scary the situation
* trust my children to work with me when it counts
* run a decent committee, but I’d really rather not.
* be content in my own skin
* worry about the ways that others see me. But I try not to.
* be content with my religious practice
* want to learn more, to be more actively learning about my faith
* see my limits, but usually because they’ve smacked me in the nose
* always try.


purple_kangaroo said...

wow, you came up with quite a list in 15 minutes.

mama o' the matrices said...

Oh, I suspect that you could too. Imagine if all you listed was 'I can make/cook/invent this dish' - that would be quite something, right there!

dykewife said...

what an awesome list!

i loved hte part about healing hurts with a kiss. when boy bumps himself, cuts himself or whatever, he walks to bran or i for a kiss on whatever was hurt. have i mentioned that he's 15?

i remember once when he was about 4 he fell on his butt and came up to me and said "mommy! i hurt my bum! kiss my bum!"

it was really hard not to pee my pants laughing. we compromised and i kissed my hand and planted the kiss on his butt.

mama o' the matrices said...

oh, dw, that's happened to me, too. The kid falls on his bum, and gets up and comes over, looking offended, and explains they need a kiss. And then what?

it's hilarious - but not to the offended owner of the tushie!

FemaleJewishBlogger said...

hee hee! I am laughing about the tushie bumps...Had it happen too.

I know what you mean about "knowing your own limits" sometimes I feel like I run right into them backwards when I'm not looking where I'm going :)

This whole I Can list thing is very interesting. I hope AidelMaidel puts up the list of links to people who have done it... It is very reavealing (in a positive, seeing-the-good-in-someone's-soul way)and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

You're an amazing woman...I'm going to borrow (ok, steal) this meme. I think it's great.

"Can" I?

mama o' the matrices said...

Lois, it's not mine - go ahead and use it. I just wish I knew who to tell you to attribute it to.