Friday, January 25, 2008

with seconds to go until shabbat

In one room, the Toddles looks thoughtfully at his mama.

I do the pooping and you do the wiping, he informed her. Wrist deep in hot soapy water, she realized that more than a mandate was being offered here. What do you do? The Toddles looked faintly impatient. I do the POOPING and you do the WIPING. The mama glanced at the clock, dried her hands, and set off to put the plan into action.

In another room, a Man was vacuuming while the Eldest was sorting number flashcards.

Dad, I got to seventy-one! Over the roar of the vacuum, the Man smiled at his son. Sensing that the smile was more vague than informed, the Eldest explained. Dad, I got to seventy-one! I'm ahead of schedule!

Off in a fragrant room, the mama looked up from her tushie cleaning, distracted by a roar of paternal laughter. Not a bad way to start a sabbath...

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