Monday, January 14, 2008


It's a touch blustery today, but this nice man didn't mind.

Me, I trudged through the snow to WFM, which carries flash frozen fish at decent prices. My bag stuffed with fish, rice and a brown rice pizza (supervised kosher and safe for all Imperfects!), I trudged home. As I walked, I thought about warmer climes...

My grandmother is starting to fade. And, she's bethought herself of her more and less imperfect American grandchildren, great-grandchildren and various onlookers. She's offering to send airplane tickets, so that we can come for what is most likely a final visit.

Now, with the Man in a new job (no saved up vacation days) and with short notice (no saved vacation days/vacation funds), this becomes tricky. I can haul the Man along for about 7 days (7 days = 5 days work time + 2 days weekend - 3 days travel time = 4 very jet lagged days) and return with him when his time's up, or I can find a way to stretch the time out. (5 Man days, incl. airplane time + 7-8 days with ??? helping person = approx 2 weeks of children in Australia time) My family will be inevitably caught up with their own offspring/aged parents/agendas, and that is as it oughter be. So, how?

QG, who trudged determinedly to rescue me from my offspring (snow day!!) this morning, joked that she'd come for the price of airfare. I, thoughtful, was not laughing. Hmmm.

All in all, it made for a nice walk today. There's something to be said for snow days, after all. Especially the ones with ideas in them.


Quoted from the local babywearing group:

For those who are thinking about coming to the meeting on Wednesday, please note:
We are asking that ONLY FRUIT be brought to this meeting. Milk, water and juice are okay for drinks.
We are restricting snacks for this meeting in order to accommodate a member whose son is highly allergic to gluten-containing grains, plus corn, soy, eggs and some fish.
Although she is a longtime member of the group, she has been unable to attend our regular meetings because of her son's allergies, so I hope everyone will be understanding as we work to make the environment safe for her and her family.

Oh, the size of the smile on my face...

Coming soon (with apologies to AA Milne), the Eldest has a birthday.


Lois Grebowski said...

Keeping grandmother in my thoughts and prayers.

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