Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have decided that the time has come to create a new character at chez Imperfect: Super Mama.

Speculate amongst yourselves as to whether Super Mama wears spandex and as to the state of her abs (to stretch mark or not? verisimilitude is everything, you know), but the significant thing is to ask yourself: what would Super Mama do?

WWSMD is a crucial question here just now. For example, right now Super Mama would probably ignore that both children wailed all the way through dinner (sunchoke soup, seared tuna for the Man and the Eldest, braised cod for me and the Toddles, with fennel-ginger toppings, and curried chickpeas on the side - honestly, they really do love these dishes- but not tonight), and rush to the side of her beleaguered spouse as he juggled a wailing Toddles and an exhausted, post-martial arts club Eldest. She would have ignored her currently impressive lack of sleep and smiled through the Eldest ripping random bits of paper off her dissertation files.

When her loving family rushed in to her sanctuary, she probably wouldn't chew out the Eldest for failing to respect her privacy (incoming! *** not just now, hon. Wait please. ***here we ARE!), and smile and hug the miserable Toddles. Yep, and she'd go ahead and cook a whole new dinner, too. Just the way the kids like it.

Thank heavens for Super Mama. That saint of saints, that marvel of motherhood, I'm delighted to introduce her to the blog. Welcome, SM. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Editor's note: from the perspective of the editorial and Mama-maintenance staff, we're delighted to welcome the newcomer. SM serves a crucial purpose. In performing the impossible, she takes the burden off the non-SM maternal types, thereby allowing them to perform the merely unlikely, like failing to put their children up on eBay before bedtime. So the next time dinner is flung at your head while your beloved spouse slumps in his chair like post-corporate mush, stop and ask yourself (preferably pre-shriek), WWSMD? Then, assign that task to SM and move on. Delegation be a wonderful thing...and yes, the pun is deliberate.


JG Fellow said...

Who was that masked mama?

dykewife said...

hmmm...something leaves me thinking that you need calgon to come along and rescue you and give you time to have a long soak in a nice hot sudsy bath.

mama o' the matrices said...

Oooh. A nice hot bath. In a deep tub. With a fresh novel, never been cracked by mama - yes, I can see it now. And having seen it, I'm going to go and fling small bodies out of my bed so that I can go and dream about it.

Oh, and JG? I dunno, but she had some nifty stuff dangling off her utility belt..