Thursday, January 17, 2008

looking ahead

How have I never seen this? Recommended and gurgled over delightedly by mamas from the local babywearing group, this is a lovely, lovely hybrid carrier. Note the buckles - this is a quick one to put on, and reviewers rave about comfort. Me, I just think it's purty. But I'm not biting.

We made our New Year's wishes the other night over dinner, and the Toddles had a surprise for us. Apparently, his wish for 2008 is for babies. Grateful the Man wasn't home yet, I plastered a big smile on my face, and nodded at him. That night, I had a chance to learn a little more.

At 3 am, post-soy trial , I was giving the Toddles some Benadryl. He grinned, and before he drank, started saying a bracha (blessing) over the wee cup. But what bracha do you say over medicine? We settled on shehakol , which seemed rather appropriate to me: a nod in the direction of the Big Guy, saying that all things happen under his guidance, seemed rather comforting on a night when human error was rampant, and my little fellow was feeling yucky as a result. (Not to mention that, having read the recent reports on the problems with giving kids cold medications, I was a little nervous about the Benadryl. Still, bottoms up!)

But I ramble. The Toddles recited the bracha solemnly, and drank his Benadryl. I hugged him.

Please G-d, little love, you will grow to be a big boy, and then a young man, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the kind of person that you will be.

the Toddles grinned at his sentimental mama.

I will grow and then I will have a baby. He nodded, firmly. Yes, that is what happens.

Given earlier discussions about gender, I hugged him and forebore to review specifics.

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